Break it Down

Cats: A Megamusical Catastrophe From Stage to Screen

August 19, 2020
Break it Down
Cats: A Megamusical Catastrophe From Stage to Screen
Show Notes

Have you ever wondered why Cats the musical is so weird? We are here to answer that question. On this episode, Holly and Hilary take a deep dive into the absurd world of Cats. They discuss Andrew Lloyd Webber’s beloved musical in a global context and how Cats changed musical theatre forever. They also break down Tom Hooper’s catastrophic film adaptation that disturbed the world! They explain WHY Cats the film is so creepy, Tom Hooper’s poor directorial choices, and why a lot of live-action animated films nowadays just don’t quite get it right.

Enjoy, it's gonna be ameowsing!

Artwork by: @akalashell
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